Monday, October 25, 2010

Arrogant Platini Turns Nose Up at Technology

Eufa president Michel Platini has arrogantly snubbed the use of modern technology in football suggesting that it widespread implementation could result in what he called "Playstation football". Football’s world governing body FIFA had recently performed a major U turn on the subject of goal line technology after initial tests had proved poor and ineffective, but in the wake of Frank Lampard’s “goal” against Germany at the 2010 World Cup there had been great pressure for the technology to be scrutinised further.

However, former French superstar Platini dismissed Fifa’s decision to re-investigate the possibility of goal line technology as “nonsense”, instead suggesting that employing extra referees to assist the man in the middle was instead the best way of moving football officiating forward. Platini was quoted as saying "One referee is not enough, not in the modern era where you have 20 cameras…It is a logical step with so many cameras that can pick up incidents: the more eyes there to assist the referee, the better the chance of spotting those incidents."
Such a casual dismissal of advanced technology is sure to incense England fans who felt their chances of success in the World Cup were dashed by a poor decision from the assistant referee leading to Lampard’s strike not to stand when replays showed it had clearly crossed the goal line.