Thursday, November 24, 2011

Saturday Soccer - There's Nothing Quite Like It

You have to love Saturday mornings. Having a lie in, cooking a fry up, sticking on the telly and getting amongst all the hype and build up of the next round of games in the Premiership and Football League - then off on the train, to the pub for a few with your mates and then scuttling to the ground to watch your beloved local team get a good stuffing by some super rich oil baron owned team that puts your first 11 to shame. For me and thousands of others across the world, this is football - and there's nothing quite like it.
     In my opinion, the build up and banter with your mates you enjoy every weekend is as much a part of the big day as the match itself - winding them up, having a joke and voicing your know-it-all opinions on who's going to come home with the points up and down the country. If you enjoy football banter as much as I do you'll probably also enjoy a little flutter now and again - and with sites like Luxbet soccer betting has never been so easy - whether you team play in The EPL, The Bundesliga, Seria A or the Australian A-League. 
     There's no better feeling than proving your mates wrong and winning yourself a few beer tokens to spend on Saturday night after the game - and lets face it EVERYONE wants the bragging rights to be their own. Football is a social game and enjoying the banter that goes with it is what makes it so special.

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